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Grease traps help keep grease from clogging up the municipal collection system. The tanks are required to have regular maintenance performed in order for them to function properly and not cause any backups. The trained technicians at A-1 Wastewater are experts when it comes to servicing and pumping grease traps of all shapes and sizes. Our service will help prevent back-ups and fines.

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Grease traps are the part of the sanitary sewer system that prevents heavy grease from entering and clogging the municpal collection system. The tanks are typcially located in the floor near the slop sink or outside in the ground. These tanks require regular maintenance to function properly in order to prevent back ups and fines. A-1 Wastewater's field service technicians are professionally trained to service and pump any size or type of grease trap located either inside or outside of your facility. Our uniformed Field Service Technicians will locate your tank and perform the necessary service to endure the integrity of the system. The process begins with the complete removal of all grease, sediment and grease-laden water. We offer a scheduled service rotation to help keep grease problems under control and maintain compliance with regulatory authority.

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