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Let our professionals provide you with efficient, affordable pumping services. Our state-of-the-art truck can pump your waste and safely transport it to an authorized waste disposal site.

A-1 Waste Water can handle all your septic tank issues - call today.

Every septic system needs to be cleaned at some point - your holding tank can process human waste efficiently but not the effluent from your kitchen disposal or washing machine.

Come to A-1 Waste Water when your tank fails to dissolve waste properly. Our professionals clean your tank, so that it works like new.

Every septic system needs to be cleaned eventually

Call for your detailed pumping services.


Get efficient pumping service for you septic tank

The grease traps in your sanitary sewer system prevent heavy grease from clogging the municipal collection system. Ensure your grease traps remain unclogged with regular maintenance from A-1 Waste Water. Our service will help prevent back-ups and fines.

Prevent back-ups and fines - clean your grease trap

Trust our professionally trained technicians to clean any size or type grease trap

in your home or business.

Call us to remove the grease, sediment and grease-laden water from your grease trap. We offer frequent, scheduled cleaning for your grease trap - call today.

Call us for detailed grease trap cleaning

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